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Bank Sampah Bersinar, A Community-Based Waste Management Solution

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Bank Sampah Bersinar : Our solution and its purpose TranslateOriginal We create campaign and educate people to segregate their waste from the source. Segregated waste has higher economic value than unsorted waste, and it can be used as a very good material in the recycling industry . We collect the segregated waste and make sure that the waste is responsibly processed as possible. In return of the segregated waste that is deposited to Bank Sampah, the people will get cash deposit and waste journey report. The people can be responsible of the waste that they produce while having additional income at the same time. We also developed several technologies to solve waste problems, such as trashboom to block garbage from rivers and technology to process used baby diaper waste into RPF, recycled paper and liquid organic fertilizer. We also collaborate with other organization and company. We provide Responsible Waste Management service for companies, residential area, event and many more with the objective Less Waste to Landfill.

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